PIT Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner now


We are proud to announce that we are now a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. This level of membership in the Microsoft Partner Program provides a complete array of benefits designed to help us be more competitive. This is our whole team achievement and we could bag this award so quickly because of many Microsoft certified professionals in our organization and with the help of others.

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Microsoft SharePoint – Internal Training Program at PIT Solutions

      In line with the plan to strengthen PIT Solutions’ expertise in SharePoint and related technologies, an in-house training program is currently under way. A group of 17 in-house .NET professionals are attending in the program to tap the benefits. The duration of the training is three days, with two 4-hour sessions planned for each day. The majority of these trainees will go on to apply the skills gained soon after completing the training, owing to the adoption of SharePoint in their running projects.

The Wikipedia states that “Microsoft SharePoint, also known as Microsoft SharePoint products and technologies is a collection of products and software elements that include, amongst a growing selection of components, Internet Explorer based collaboration functions, process management modules, search modules and a document-management platform. SharePoint can be used to host web sites that access shared workspaces, information stores and documents, as well as host-defined applications such as wikis and blogs. All users can manipulate proprietary controls called "web parts" or interact with pieces of content such as lists and document libraries.”

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Choosing the right programming language

When a person decides to learn a programming language, the questions that usually arise are,
“Which is the best programming language?” or “Which language should I learn?” Some people suggest
.NET, Java, or PHP and most tend to learn these languages ignoring the fundamentals. Essentially, one must
understand the working of a computer system, the flow of instructions that go into execution of a specific
task, etc. This way one can develop the ability to think rationally. Only then can one develop professional
products that meet international standards. Furthermore, to become an excellent programmer, one must take
absolute care with coding standards, daily technology updates, etc.

If advice on selection of a programming language is required, I can attempt to furnish an answer
based on my knowledge and experience: “You may learn C/C++ because most of the high level languages
today are based on the C/C++ syntax. It will help you learn the syntax, semantics, compilation, and
execution techniques. C is a language which will assist you in understanding the programming flow and
C++ will help you in applying Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts practically.”

In my point of view, a person who has mastered one language takes only a few hours to start coding
with a new language. As a fresh brain, you can select any one language to start off with. The doors are wide
open as far as the choice of language is concerned. If you are an amateur, you can seek the assistance of
experienced people to help you understand the merits and demerits of different languages.

Once you start learning a language and you get a firm grip on it, then you must try to compare it with
other languages – what the former has and the latter don’t. In most cases one ends up with the conclusion
that the basics of each are almost the same unless it is a machine or task-specific language. For instance, all
the languages use IF, WHILE, and FOR keywords for the same purpose.

The next daunting query is about the choice of domain. The simplest answer lies in another question
“which field do you like more?” It depends a lot on one’s aptitude and skills. For example, if a person is an
electronics freak, then embedded technology may be their right domain. If you like computer games and
drawing, graphics domain such as DirectX, OpenGL, etc., are amenable fields.

The vital aspect as far as good programming is concerned is practice. There are many important
aspects one should look up on, right from the fundamentals to highly advanced and complex tasks. As the
saying goes “Faster, Higher, Stronger”, one should approach programming with an open mind to gather as
much knowledge as possible in a short time frame. Knowledge without proper foundation is dangerous. In
programming, one must ensure that good coding practices, coding styles, etc., are mastered and
implemented. Experience is the best teacher as far as mastering new techniques is concerned and is
impossible to gain through short-cuts.

To conclude, a language that is currently popular doesn’t mean it is the best or the right one for you.
Don’t run after a language that is currently hot and promises fat paychecks rather than builds your basics
first. Just pick a language that fits your philosophy and try to become the best at it.


Quick fix for websites that break in IE8

Here is a quick fix for old websites which have compatibility issues with Internet Explorer version 8.

But as a good practice, I recommend you to fix the issues so that it will be compatible with Internet Explorer 8 also. Because IE8 is an industry compliant browser which uses maximum of CSS 3.0.

Add this tag in your web pages:

<meta content="”IE=EmulateIE7?" http-equiv="”X-UA-Compatible”" />

If you wish more technical details, click here.

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