Baloti - Voting system


In Baloti platform you can practice direct democracy in  several languages.

Baloti is a website mainly for the migrant population living in Switzerland.It allows them to follow the Swiss direct democratic process in real time and thus to familiarize themselves with an important aspect of the political system in this country. Baloti can be accessed in the eleven(11) most spoken languages of Switzerland.

In this Site the site admin have the provision to create Polls (consists of initiative(s)) corresponding arguments and recommendations provided by different organisations (in favour & against). There will be voting period, during which registered visitors can go through these and cast their votes. The result will be published once the voting period is over.

The project is carried out by an interdisciplinary team at the Zentrum für Demokratie Aarau in cooperation with the University of Neuchatel.


  • Symfony 1.4
  • Ajax
  • php 5.2.4
  • mysql 5.0
  • jquery, Colorbox

Key Issues

  • Technical Challenges
    The client wanted to develop the application using Symfony 1.4 which was the mos latest version that time and also asked to use Doctrine as the ORM. We used to work with Symfony 1.3 until then with Propel as ORM.
  • UI Challenges
    The main challenge here was to integrate the view/template part at towards the end of the project.


We studied Symfony 1.4 and also learned to use Doctrine ORM with Symfony 1.4 in a short time period. Managed to  complete the things on time and in good quality.

We developed the Model and controller sections initially, which gave us the flexibility to easily plug the view/design section at a later stage.We strictly followed Symfon and MVC design patterns so that we didn’t had any problem in integrating design at a later stage.

Final Deployment

The site is hosted in a Linux Web server . We provided support for the Server configuration and installations.


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