Investor Relations

PIT Solutions is an IT services company that is almost a decade old and on a firm growth path, guided by a clear organizational vision, an ambitious yet realistic mission, and a healthy corporate philosophy. From a humble beginning, we have grown from strength to strength by weathering many a crisis through sheer mettle, adaptation, and innovation at every step.

The future looks extremely promising with the strong positioning in the marketplace that we have built over the years.  But a promising future will also throw at us all sorts of challenges to be dealt with. PIT Solutions today has the best possible talent in-house that can overcome the future challenges and keep growing in the next decade of its existence.

Since a balanced accelerated growth is the aim of PIT Solutions, we are extremely interested in new partners and investors who are eager to share the pains of growth with us.  We are particularly keen at partners and investors who are looking at a medium-to-long-term association with us, and ready to hold hands with us through all the various growth stages that ensue.


Interested?  Need more information?

Please write to thomas (at) pitsolutions (dot) com.