Fairgate AG


Fairgate System is a web based platform for the administration of multiple clubs.


Fairgate is a web portal aimed for clubs. This portal is suited for use by any type of sports clubs like football, badminton, basketball etc.

Each club has a separate domain for viewing their portal. The portal can also be viewed as a sub site of Fairgate itself. There will be predefined templates (Themes) from which the club can choose the template they need and the portal viewing will be designed in that theme with the clubs having options to make necessary design changes from the club administration area.There is an administration section for each portal.The admin user will have complete privileges over that particular portal. There can be any number of admin users with different level privileges.

The entire portal members (normally the club members) can login to the portal. There they can edit their personal information, add comments, add news, add gallery etc. The extent to which they can edit their data is based on the privileges given to each user by the administrator. The users can be given privileges to manage a team and add/edit team members etc.

Some of the key modules in the portal are

  • Contact Administration
  • User rights Management
  • Role Management
  • Team Administration
  • Document Management
  • CMS ( Page Contents, News, Events,  Gallery etc)
  • Theme Management
  • Sponsor Administration
  • Invoice Administration
  • Module Booking
  • Contact Fileds Management
  • Newsletter Management
  • SMS Management

The Fairgate administrator belongs to the highest level among the user rights system and can access all areas and execute all possible actions throughout the system. He can access the administration area of all clubs.


  • Symfony 1.4
  • Ajax
  • php
  • mysql
  • jquery, Colorbox
  • Pdf Library

Technical Challenges

  • All the different club portals needed to be handled using a single source code and database.
  • High level user rights management
  • Possibility to access the portal using domain (http://www.domain.com) and fairgate sub site (http://my.fairgate.ch/domain/) at the same time.
  • Different contact fields for different clubs and its management.

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