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Process Data Visualization and Assessment Tool


Actor Process Event Scheme (APES) is an application developed to visualize process data of all kinds and thereby transform qualitative case study into quantifiable data. The requirement was to draw a graph for all actors with respect to their Eigen values. Eigen values represent their active participation in the process. The graph will zoom in and out with respect to given constraints.

Key Challenging Aspects

Finding an appropriate mathematical algorithm for calculating Eigen vectors and implementing it were the key challenges faced in this project.


Initially, we had to allocate a major portion for research and study in order to find a suitable algorithm for Eigen vector calculation. Following this, we were able to bring in the functionality of calculation and graph (zoom in/out) representation.

Info Box

  • Client name  -  Zentrum für Demokratie Aarau
  • Design by PITS - Yes
  • Front-end done by PITS - Yes
  • Industry –  Academics
  • Technology/tools

    • Java 1.5 (Swing)
    • Eclipse Europa
    • CVS

  • URL : http://www.apes-tool.ch

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