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For all our projects, we give utmost case to front end development as we believe that is the face of the project. Our talented front end team make sure that the raw design that comes from our creative department or our client is carefully converted to responsive front end without loosing the design quality.

Our team makes sure that the front-end output is coherent all along the devices on which that website is run: most important browsers and mobile devices (phones and Tablets).

We work clean and efficiently for our client's websites also because it eases the maintenance job afterwards. Further, our team is fascinated to follow the new trends and technologies that are evolving in front end area.

Our front end team is also skilled in building Rich Internet Applications. Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) is the combination of the best user interface functionality of desktop software applications with the broad reach and low-cost deployment of Web applications and the best of interactive, multimedia communication.RIAs , according to Adobe definition, are applications that combine improved user interface and functionality of desktop software, accessibility and low cost deployment of Web based applications and the best of interactive, multimedia communication.Increased demand on enhanced web-users experience together with interactive software development evolved into appearance of Rich Internet Applications(RIAs). We use Flex and HTML5 for building RIA.

Flex is a highly productive, open source framework for building and maintaining expressive web applications that deploy consistently on all major browsers, desktops, and operating systems. 

Flex is a framework developed on ActionScript 3.0 and comes under Rich Internet Applications (RIA) development. It enables rapid building of applications and their deployment to Flash Player, a runtime environment for delivering sophisticated user interfaces. Flex leverages existing, matured technologies and standards such as XML, HTTP, Flash Player and ActionScript as well as web services such as SOAP.
When integrating Flex with other technologies,the most important points to be remembered are :

  • Flex is a client side technology that is rendered by Flash Player or Adobe.
  • Flex can work Javascript on the client.
  • Flex requires a Server side technology (like LiveCycle Data services , Java, ASP.NET or PHP) to provide it with real time data.

HTML5 is the newest version of the HTML (HyperText Markup Language) that was developed in the late 80's in order to describe documents that linked to each other. In it's early days, HTML's role was simple. It was aimed to help describe a document's structure and to allow cross-linking of documents.

The language is a markup language, which is a way to enhance a text file with bits of code (markup) that describes the structure of the document. Today the language has grown substantially and it's gained two allies that are closely associated with it. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is supposed to help HTML look great by describing the way that the document is supposed to look. JavaScript is supposed to build interactivity as well.

The main advantage that comes to mind about HTML5 is that it allows for video to be embedded in browsers, which frees users from Adobe Flash Player and related security issues. Further merits are simpler coding for programmers, SEO friendliness, responsive design possibilities and location services

PITS has expertise, experience and resources to offer you best solutions for Rich Internet Application (RIA) Development. Our RIA Developers has hands on experience on Flash, Flex and Action Scripting. Our RIA services enable organizations to effectively communicate effectively sharing their ideas, products and services to their clients.

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