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Magento is one of the most trusted names for developing eCommerce websites has become preferred CMS for several businesses. Why Choose Magento to Develop an eCommerce Website

Handles Multiple Stores: One of the prominent features of Magento is that it lets you manage more than one store from a single admin panel.

Unlimited Themes: Customization is like a second skin of Magento eCommerce development. You can get any desired look, any template and customize the store the way you want to.

Better Browsing Options for Users: Advanced features such as multiple images of a product, zoom-in capability, product reviews are some of the things that make Magento user-friendly.

Easy Ordering Options: Providing the users easy ordering options will help you get a better ROI for your business. Magento website development allows you to edit, create, view, and fulfill orders from the admin interface.

Google Analytics and Much More: One of the important aspects of managing an eCommerce site is to regularly track the site. This helps you understand the overall performance of the store.

Great for Marketing: Another key area that any business needs to give ample importance is marketing. Magento not only helps in sales and revenue generation, but also has powerful tools such as Up-Sells and Cross-Sells that induce the  user to order for more products.

Apart from magento, we also propose Virtocommerce for our clients. This is interesting for our medium to large clients as Virtocommerce is built on .NET framework and naturally Microsoft support follows. It is built on .NET framework 4.5, Entity Framework 6 and so on.

Virtocommerce offers greater scalability, high performance and reliability with a platform designed for Azure. One of the key advantage of Virtocommerce is that business process can be easily customised using WWF ( windows workflow foundation). Further, this is also an open source product and we have the access to complete source code. This enables developers to understand the logic and customize for their client needs. For more details please visit

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