Global Delivery

Our global delivery model targets at rolling out fast and effective solutions that realize or exceed the customer's expectations. It is a hybrid model in which one key strategy is to have the customer involved in the development process. This approach allows them to feel the software right from the early stages of development, and avoid costly surprises at the end. The other strategy of the delivery model is to adhere strictly to our clearly defined internal software development methodology.

Our hybrid model is a result of our experience in delivering projects over several years. We have understood that a project's success is directly related to effective communication during all the stages of development. The onsite project manager will be the interface to the company. He ensures each stage of the project is properly communicated between the project team and project coordinator from the customer's side. He ensures that the project team receives the necessary support from the customer, and that each milestone of the project is achieved on schedule and with the agreed quality.

PIT Software Development Process

A clearly defined process is vital for successful project execution and leads to improved productivity and quality which results in fully functional software, within  budget and on time. We have created a  Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG), which defines, drives, and constantly improves our internal process.  Read more .. 

PITS Software Development Methodology

At PIT Solutions, we follow the Agile Software Development methodology, which refers to a group of software development methodologies that are based on similar principles.  Read more ..