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SalesRocket2Success CRM is a plug-in to the well-known Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. Along with the in-built features of MS CRM, the product takes the user to an extreme level of planning any sales strategy and to create reports. The sales methodology followed by this sales engine is as per worldwide standards and is made simple and flexible enough for any requirements across continents.
The product has its own administration side that helps the system administrator to customize it and to manage the end users of the product.Someone familiar with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 will find no difficulty in using this plugin.

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The scope of this product is seamless. From any small size firm to any big size firm, can implement this product and make use of the benefits. There is no particular intended audience or targeted customers for this product. This strategy can be followed by a beginner to a versatile customer. The highlights of this product are:

  • User Limit for each company/installation.
  • Multi language support.
  • Data security for each installation/company.
  • Product Administration
  • Unique Reporting features.
  • Planning-Processing-Tracking-Output: Step-by-Step process.
  • Reporting features.
  • Generic & Personal Inputs.
  • Customized Views
  • Action & Alarms
  • OLAP reports
  • Profile management


Additional information

All alarms generated through rules are prioritized and is displayed to the user in an easy understandable GUI. Key project View helps anybody to identify the importance of each opportunity in the system. Views are created on a timeline basis and the security between the views is ensured for each login. Spreadsheet filter options is a unique feature of this product which helps the user to specify what and which type of opportunity records he/she wants to view. Making use of the core CRM concepts the product follows all the Microsoft standards.

Overall Description

There are basically two types of users who can access the system as:
1)    Administrator
2)    Normal user

It’s the Active Directory authentication we use with CRM to authenticate the users and their roles and privileges. So while installation itself we have to set these privileges to both type of users.

Administrators are basically company administrators who can create the company employees and set their rights and roles. They have some important functionality like:

  • Set Currency details for the company
  • Set the dimension and Revenue elements
  • Manage Customers in the system
  • Creating and Managing new roles/rights
  • Manage Generic Input elements in the system
  • Manage Qualification Sheet elements for an Opportunity in the system
  • Manage Opportunities in the installation


If the user has administrative rights he/she can change the unique product settings as well as the CRM settings also (which the normal user even can’t view it)

Users/Normal User are those who utilizes the core of the product. Users run the product through the step-by-step process of this sales engine. For better understanding to the user, all the functionalities are grouped into two modules like:

  • Planning
  • Logbook
  • Opportunity
  • Action
  • Rule
  • Reports
  • Spreadsheet View
  • Action View
  • Alarm View
  • Rule View
  • Key Project View
  • Funnel View
  • OLAP Reports

The Excel export feature, print functionality and all the basic features CRM provides has been utilized in this package also. Any normal Dynamics CRM user will find little difficult in running this product at all.

Operating environment

SalesRocket CRM is a web based CRM application developed using pure .NET technology, based on the .NET 3.5 frameworks (Using VS.NET 2008) with C# as programming language and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 workgroup edition. SQL Server 2005 is the backend used with Dynamics 4.0 installation.


For business enquiries please contact thomas (at) pitsolutions (dot) com.


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