Software Development Process

Software development is a set of activities dedicated to the process of creating, designing, deploying, and supporting computer software. Here we are specifically talking about application software (applications or apps) to help users perform task eg. a financial software or an inventory software.

PITS’ successful project delivery starts with a proper requirement gathering, then by molding a prototype of client requirement, choosing an apt technology, development with QA and testing, final deployment with support and maintenance to the client.

Requirement Engineering:

A successful project delivery starts with an accurate requirement gathering. We do have an expert team who work closely with technical team and build up a wireframe or a document which filtered through various discussion phases with clients.

A project is initiated soon after client approves the prototype (along with pricing) we developed based on the requirements gathered. Our emerging technology expertise and architectural services capability, helps broadly through prototyping, selecting tools, technology, and framework. Moreover, this prototyping exercise considerably decreases requirements and design errors, including errors for user interface. We believe that creating a working prototype helps to collect further requirements from the clients and also enables them to comprehend the system. It also helps in reassuring ideas and defining go to market feasibility. 

During the phase, client may suggest the technology they prefer, or our team will advise which will go-better with their requirements and nature of application. At the same time, we can define which methodology we can prefer for the suggested application. We have a thorough understanding of the challenges that could encounter during software development in various technologies and the established processes and practices required to attain success.

Design and Development:

It’s all about selection of an appropriate architecture for the application, a good design of the application, and finally, a good representation of the design. Once our business analysts confirm and clarifies the requirements from the client, next tasks lie on our development team. And our design team assure the application has a good user interface which is workable in all devices. 

Its architecture team's responsibility to make sure the application works in various situations, especially when the traffic to the web site hit more than what we expect. In short, they do their best to make the application run smoothly with all the changes in working environment, including operating system or hardware changes or workload.

Testing and Deployment:

Testing is an integral part of the software development process. Our project plan is accompanied by a test plan. We develop test cases during the designing and coding of an application. To ensure that the delivered system is of the best quality, we promote random testing and bug bashes. After Development team's unit testing, our testing team which has ISTQB certified testers who work closely with the developers during the last stages of application deployment to make sure the product goes out bug-free. Once the system go-live, our system administrators will monitor the system performance and behavior for few more days.

Support and Maintenance:

Delivering a project on time with higher level satisfaction for the clients is not where our software development services end. It continues with three-month free service warranty with our clients after the project delivery. After this period, we sign a client support agreement with the client to make sure that they are in safe hands. Going forward, client may extend their business requirements and it is our pleasure to make the system more sophisticated with the new needs.