Bfox is an online portal for insurance details and recommended brokers,It Act as a bridge between end users and insurance brokers.

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The major purpose of application is generate insurance recommendation to end users and leads to brokers respectively.The application comes with questionnaire for various insurance products and shows recommended products/Agents to the end user. The recommendations are generated according to answers provided by the end user. These are managed in another application and we are integrating those with the help of web services.These recommendations are sending as pdf to the end users as email as well as lead information to the corresponding broker handling the insurance product.Admin Section has various management functionality like Agents/Broker,Rating,Lead/Recommendation management.

Key Issues

  • Technical Challenges
    • Questionaire completly build on ajax in which questions are shown according to the answers provided by the end users and to satisfy preconditions with respect to answers provided.
    • Usage pdf libraries to generate insurance recommendations.


Final Deployment

The Bfox insurance portal is hosted in Linux Operating Systems.

Customer Bfox
Industry Insurance
Technology Symfony 2, PHP/ MySQL, Javascript/jquery/Ajax, Web Service