Cloud369 is Customer Relation Management software developed to meet the requirements of both customers / freelancers as well as business centers / marketing & service bureaus. It has planet-satellite architecture.  The Cloud369 planet system manages all the satellites and the global service providers. Cloud369 Satellites offers features according to user types and have a strong user level access control. It offers services like email publishing, website publishing, print publishing, ebook generation, document merge, sms service etc for business partners as well as normal customers. Customers can post jobs/tickets under different service areas. Other than this, system offers provisions to manage media files, internal message system, project management, task management, rates and commission management, language management etc for the users. It has a strong administration panel for managing all the activities related to user roles.

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Key Issues

  • Technical Challenges
    Automatically updating files / synchronization of source code in all available Satellite servers since all satellites are using the same source code.
  • UI Challenges
    One of the main client requirements was that GUI as well as the functionality has to be closely linked towards the windows environment.
  • Database Challenges
    The Planet and Satellites may be running on different servers using the same database structure and content. Keeping only one copy of database in planet may lead to performance issues in satellites.


Automatic source synchronization was resolved by using Rsync, an open source utility that provides fast incremental file transfer.

The windows environment look and feel was achieved using Ajax controlled forms.

The performance issue with satellites was resolved using multiple databases with same content and structure. MySQL replication technique (Master-Slave configuration) was used to accomplish this functionality.

Final Deployment

The application is hosted on Amazon AWS. Client offered server configuration and PITS did the application configuration. PITS provides extended support for installation of new satellites.

Customer Cloud369
Technology Symfony 1.4, Ajax, php 5.2.4, mysql 5.0, jquery