Contenco is an online learning platform in which students can access study resources like course materials, textbooks, and educational videos. Contenco also provides online exams, problem sets, class notes, study guides and online tutoring for the students. Contenco is developed using Liferay and J2EE.

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There are mainly two types of users in Contenco - Admins (Contenco admins) and Students. Admin has the privilege to organize the tests into different categories based on difficulty level, subjects, exam types (SAT, ACT, GRE) and can also add questions to each of these categories. A student registering into the website gets access to the various study materials available and can also take online tests in the platform. The student can view the results or marks of all the tests he attended. Contenco provides three different types of tests - Sample, Practice and Mock tests.  Sample and practice tests are available for all the registered users while the mock test is available only for the subscribed users. There are three different subscription plans provided by Contenco - Gold, Platinum and Silver.

Customer Contenco
Industry E-Learning
Technology Liferay 6.1, J2EE, Service Build, Liferay Theme, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, JQuery, Apache Tomcat, SVN, Ant