Ecommerce Profit App

PostFinance is one of Switzerland’s leading financial institution who assists their customers with all daily financial needs. They provide many applications to help their customers in different areas of financial transactions. Profit App is one such mobile application in E-commerce that aids users to avail discounts and credit points on purchases from those web shops who are connected to PostFinance. We have developed an add-on/ plugin in four different platforms; WooCommerce, Magento, OSCommerce and VirtueMart to integrate the Profit App with different web shops developed in respective domains.

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The webshop admin installs our Profit App plugin into his online shop. When a user completes purchase from this webshop, a QR code will be displayed at the checkout page. On scanning this QR code, the user will be redirected to the App store from where he can download and install Profit App in his mobile. He will get a profit app id and points will be credited to his profit app account based on the purchase amount. If the user already have Profit App in his mobile, purchase points will be directly credited into his Profit App account. Later, he can redeem points for coupons and avail discounts from online shops. 

The four different plugins are uniformly developed to serve the same functionality. We met the challenges in the domain difference by adding many hooks/filters and thus extended the default behaviour of corresponding domains.

TechnologyMagento 1.9.x, WooCommerce 2.2.x (Wordpress 4.0.x), VirtueMart 3 (Joomla 3.x), OsCommerce 2.3.x