originalPLATZ.ch is an e-shop where customers can personalize products using product options. The store offers a range of products ranging from posters, kid’s products, baby products to CD walls and magnetic bars. Originalplatz.ch is a fully responsive webshop developed using Magento CMS.

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The tricky part of this project is while selling customizable products online, the system has to achieve an understanding with the customers on how the end-product will look like. In originalPLATZ.ch, the customer can preview and understand how the end product will look like. The admin can upload a background image that represents the product and define the printing area. The customers can upload and position their images and/or text that are to be printed on the products.

originalPLATZ.ch sells products like posters, where the customer has option to upload own images or choose from a pre-de*ned gallery, and preview the products. Prices are calculated based on the frame and material chosen. Various kids products available are personalized bags with the name and picture of the child, bags with animation characters, or signature, nameplates and yardsticks (Messalatte) with animal/bird motifs. Baby products available are personalized nameplates and tablemats with animal/bird motifs. Magnetic bars and CD walls have customizable dimensions and price is calculated based on the dimensions

CustomerAttilio Meyer AG
TechnologyClient Tier – PHP, Magento, Data Tier - Mysql 5.x, Operating Platform - LINUX, Web Server - Apache 2, Development Environment - Net beans, Eclipse, Source Control - SVN, HTML 5, CSS 3, jQuery 1.10.2