Software developers wanted?

Do you have difficulties in finding reliable, skilled and affordable employees in the IT-Sector? Did you ever consider working with an external team? Sourcing your tasks is easier than you might think and we can help you with that.

What is a dedicated team?

You can hire a single developer or a whole development team at PIT Solutions according to your required project scope. The developer or team will work for your project in our offices in Kerala, India. How your team spends the monthly budget of hours is entirely up to you. We offer affordable fixed rates for small projects with one dedicated developer up to very large projects with thousands of man hours every month. There are many reasons and advantages why to choose a dedicated team in PIT Solutions: it offers flexible resource scaling, it can fill in knowledge gaps, it can help hands during project peak times, offers cost savings, or take on jobs that you prefer not to do.

What are the advantages of hiring in PIT Solutions?

  • We share a long success story with our clients, starting out with small teams that grow together with the client’s success. On total, we currently have around 250+ employees working directly for Swiss clients

  • We offer the unique advance of a local office in Switzerland that can help you set up the right structure and processes

  • You can either work directly with our Indian team or you can chose to work through our mixed model with a Swiss project manager as single point of contact

  • We have a large, highly motivated team and good local working conditions


PIT Solutions has built up a large and experienced force of about 250+ developers, which are working in long- and short termed projects. The largest part of them work in a direct employment model directly for our Swiss clients. The scope of this collaboration model ranges from one developer working a few hours per week to dozens of developers working for several years. See our success stories here. We offer experienced people. We are mainly focused on the Swiss market and its special requirements. We know what quality level is expected and know how to reach it.

We cover all project roles that lead your IT project to success.

  • Business Analyst

  • Project Manager

  • Frontend-Developer

  • Web and Interaction Designer

  • Junior Software Engineer

  • Senior Software Engineer

  • Software Architect

  • System Administrator

  • Tester

  • Content Manager

We will allocate a developer or assemble a custom project team according to your needs. Our developers are trained and experienced in these technologies and frameworks:

  • .NET MVC (ASP.NET, C#), Sharepoint

  • Java, Spring, JSF (JavaServer Faces), GWT (Google Web Toolkit)

  • PHP (Symfony , ZEND, Flow )

  • Ruby on Rails

  • Adobe AEM (CQ5), TYPO3, Magnolia, Wordpress, Drupal, NEOS

  • Hybris, Magento, WooCommerce

  • Frontend development (JS,HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Less, Node.js)

  • Quality Assurance/Testing (ISTQB Certified)

  • Mobile Apps - Android and iOS

  • Open Source ERPs- eg. Odoo or SAP

Our developers feel as part of a big family. Know-how in different technologies is shared between the different developer groups, which all are working in the same building. Also, we are open to learn new technologies. For some our past clients we successfully build up teams, as our developers are eager to learn new skills. Contact our Swiss office to get more information.

Our offer

We work in short or long-term contracts for software development, website and web shop development and maintenance and support.

Direct employed developer

In this model, you employ one developer (with one backup developer included in the price) for a fixed amount of hours per months. We recommend this form of collaboration for projects that span for at least 3 months and more require minimum 20h of work per week.

Direct employed team

If your project is larger or requires knowledge in different domains, we will form a team that best fits your need. For a team size of more than two or three members, a dedicated project manager on PIT’s side will facilitate coordination and planning.

Monthly or yearly packages

This collaboration method contract provides a monthly amount of hours that can be freely during the contract period. This gives you a convenient and plannable frame of cost security and continuous development and support. Unused hours can be moved to the next month.

Fix price projects and Swiss managed projects

Our other offers include fix price projects and Swiss Management. Fix priced projects are perfect for projects with defined scope, timeline and budget. For such projects, Swiss management can be helpful to save you time in managing the team. A Swiss interface can also help if requirements are difficult to convey offshore.

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