Custom made Websites

Websites in any size

PIT Solutions develops your company website. Whether you are a small company on a budget or a large cooperation, we will implement the ideal solution for you. We work with modules and design templates to speed up development, or develop custom websites from scratch suited to your needs. PIT Solution takes over the whole process: Our team supports you from the conception until going live. After that, we support, update and expand your website. According to your needs, PIT Solutions will take over a single parts of the process.

Content Management System

Interesting and up-to-date content is central for the user experience and the ranking of your website in search engines. For this reason it is important to use a CMS that makes your life easier in managing great content. At PIT Solutions you have the choice between Wordpress, TYPO3, drupal, Adobe Experience Manager and Magnolia and more. We also use next generation CMS such as NEOS. 

Responsive design

More and more traffic is generated through mobile devices. That‘s why it is important that your website looks good not only on desktops, but also on laptops, tablets and smartphones. We create a custom design based on your corporate identity guidelines and are committed to a high usability. 

Search engine optimization (SEO)

We create all our websites according to the latest technical standards for search engines. This includes a clear page structure, sitemap, URLs and more. This is how you will be found.

Custom extensions 

You want to make use of data present in your existing systems? Or are there processes that could be automatized? PIT Solutions custom develops the necessary CMS-Modules, plugins and interfaces.

Flexible Online shop solutions

Web shops of any size

Do you plan to enter the online business or you want to expand your existing online shop? PIT Solutions has an experienced e-commerce team that will help you to implement your vision. We offer consulting, planning, design, implementation and maintenance of your shop. We implement simple projects and can also cover technically complex requirements. 

Proven online shop systems 

For most of our projects we recommend to use Magento. This open source project is the world‘s most popular shopping system due to its flexibility and performance. Depending on the requirements, we also work with other shop systems such as Hybris, WooCommerce, VirtoCommerce, VirtuMart, osCommerce and Oxid. 

Processes and external interfaces

What happens after a client places an order? We help you to organize stock, deliveries and returns. Or we digitalize your current processes. Interfaces exchange data such as customer information, orders, order and payment status to your existing external systems and facilitate your operations. We integrate your ERP, CRM, PIM or logisitic system as well as online payment systems for payment with Credit Cards and Paypal. 

Responsive design & Performance

The performance in terms of page loading speed not only is crucial for user experience, but also for rankings in search engines such as Google. The same is true for accessibility of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. All our shops feature a responsive design and an optimized page loading speed.

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