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Lemo Schuh

LEMO Schuh is a web shop for selling shoes produced by Swiss and international brands. LEMO Schuh is a fully responsive website developed using magento framework and is hosted in a dedicated Linux server. 

In the website, customers can see the list of different top brand shoes under various categories or they can search and filter shoes based on various criterias. The customer can add and save the shoes to the shopping cart or can place orders to buy shoes. From the landing page of each brand, customers can filter products with respect to color and size. Each time an order is processed the stock is checked to ensure that the shoes are available before proceeding to the order processing stage. Other features of this website include newsletter subscription module. The entire shop is connected to an ERP. We have programmed the shop in a way that there is two way synchronization happens between ERP and magento shop.  Special discount modules are developed in this platform eg. Euro Rabat & Normal percentage Discount. For newsletter we have integrated mailchimp extension.

Info Box

  • Kunde  - LEMO Schuh
  • Design done by PITS - Nein
  • Frontend done by PITS - Ja
  • Industry – Ecommerce
  • Technology/Tools 

    • Client Tier – PHP 5.4.45, magento
    • Data Tier  - MySQL 5.5.47
    • Operating Platform - LINUX
    • Web Server - Apache 2
    • Development Environment - Net beans, Eclipse
    • Source Control - SVN
    • HTML 4
    • CSS 2
    • jQuery 1.10.2
    • Datatrans payment gateway

  • Live site -

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