10th TYPO3 Munich Camp 2017

By Hoja M A on December 6, 2017


First of all before anything I write on this blog I must thank PITS for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I was at our clients office in Munich, Germany as part of a new project initiation.  There I came to know that there was a TYPO3 Camp going to take place near in Munich and along with that TCCD (TYPO3 CMS Certified Developer) Live exam being conducted. At that moment my first thought was to attend the camp as it will be completely a new experience for me to get in touch with several TYPO3 savys around Europe and get to know in person with several TYPO3 supporting companies. The second objective was obviously to attend the certification exam. I work with TYPO3 for the past 3 Years. During this period, I was really surprised with the great solutions TYPO3 provides to fulfil any creative idea. TYPO3 always inspires me to new creative experiments with it, that’s why I was very much excited about the camp. So I presented this idea to attend the camp and take live exam to my management and without a second thought, company arranged the tickets for the camp and exam. Woohoo!! One of the challenges was not enough time to prepare for the exam since there were only ten days left for the camp.


I was thrilled to attend 10th TYPO3 Camp Munich conducted on September 8 to 10 and, with around 200 participants,  one of the largest of this kind in Germany. The camp brings together TYPO3 developers, companies, and TYPO3 interested people, with one clear goal: to develop ideas together, to learn from experts and build new contacts.


The camp experience was fantabulous! I never attended such a camp in my career because I thought it will be a usual technology stack discussions arena. But there was more than that in the camp. The guys were more active and fun and completely open-minded to ask any doubts. Although I was not able to understand all the points they were talking (sorry because I’m not good in German), most of the technical aspects discussed were clear. All the sessions held a nice balance between technical talks and business talks.

I had the privilege to meet so many peoples in this Camp. The one who I was eager to meet was Mr. Jochen Jweiland the one who actively supports TYPO3 and Managing Director of Jweiland Hosting and Development Agency. I knew him through social media and the surprising part was before I recognize him, He came to me and introduced himself. It was such a privilege and honour to meet him in person.


The first day was a lot of excitement and fun. After the camp conference there was a dinner at a hotel nearby which I couldn’t attend due to next day’s exam worries :(. Overall first-day camp experience was excellent for me including the Beer and Food!!! :p.


The second day, I was a little bit nervous but hopeful at the same time. I prepared with all the e-Books available and referred TYPO3 documentation in detail although the time was limited. The exam was written and conducted by TYPO3 education team. After the exam, I really felt good and 90% confident about the result. After few months trip in Munich, I reached India and about 6 weeks later the TYPO3 education team informed me the result that I have passed the certification exam. I got thrilled with the result and was extremely proud and happy. I should thank my whole team and PITS for giving me this golden opportunity.


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