An Intro to IPAD or IPHONE App Development

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The need of IPAD & IPhone applications has been increased considerably in the last one year or two. If we need an app for IPad, we have now many options like, to develop it in Adobe AIR [and pack it for iOS] or we can develop using Xcode [] or we can use paid development platforms like FileMaker.

Common technologies/platforms for IPHONE/IPAD app development

Adobe AIR:

  1. Windows development environment is enough
  2. Can use the same code base to pack it for Android device also
  3. Not so smooth as app developed using xcode


  1. App developed in Xcode is smooth and fast
  2. Is a global standard and well development friendly
  3. Has good support through forums, wiki’s and websites
  4. Requires a MAC development environment


  1. IPAD app development using C# and .net libraries, in MAC environment under Xcode as base
  2. Need to conduct a paid purchase of the software SDK
  3. Recently introduced in late 2011
  4. Support is minimum and Apps are only getting published in Apple store


  1. Like Xcode the next best popular IDE for IPAD App development
  2. Uses Objective C as the programming language
  3. Has good support in internet portals
  4. Needs Mac environment to do development with


  • Quick App development with lots of predefined templates available
  • Windows OS development possible
  • Need to busy the Filemaker products
  • Templates and scripts enable quick and hasslefree auditing & production process

Technology Decision:

Below are the various factors that lets decide the technology we have to follow:

1)   The time & material

2)   Cost

3)   Support & Documentation

By default, We [Most of the Mob developers] prefer the development infrastructure as Xcode, which is globally standard and less stress to make APPLE industries to audit and accept the app, with their guidelines.

The main challenge of developing an app in IOS platform is not the development process, but the releasing process. Because APPLE will test the app themselves after you submit the app into the app store. They may reject the app if there is any bug or violation in the rules. For registering the app into the App-Store, you must register into their development portal. And it is a paid one !

If we need a quality GUI and efficient product in quick time, Filemaker platform is the best way to develop IPhone and IPAD apps. This guarantees the product in quick time, but need to purchase the products for development, hosting and accessing (free)!  We have to buy certain series of products for this development as: Filemaker PRO, Filemaker Server & Filemaker GO.

Simply, FileMaker Pro, is the best platform for rapid iOS application development and FileMaker Go, is the easiest way to deploy & access mobile iOS solutions on iPhone and iPad.

Hardware & Software requirements:

XCODE platform needs:

Mac OS, Xcode, PHP, XML, JSON, Testing devices/Simulators

The latest version Xcode is 4.2 which will support up to iOS 5. For testing purpose Xcode itself contains simulators. But it is better if we have a real device with you. The performance between simulators and real devices has proved considerable differences in speed and outputs

ADOBE AIR platform needs:

Windows OS, Adobe Flash Builder 4.6, AIR 3.0, Testing devices, PHP, XML, JSON

FILEMAKER platform needs:

Windows OS, Filemaker PRO, Filemaker GO, Filemaker SERVER, Testing devices

PIT Solutions as an Expertise:

We have successfully developed IPAD apps in Xcode with Objective C as programming language. And also we have good hands in developing the IPAD apps in Filemaker technology also using external data sources in SQL server and Mysql.

In Brief, we have done the following functionalities in IPAD development in minimum time:

  • GUI layout designing & adjustments
  • Database connection configuration & modifications
  • Adding, deleting and modifying records
  • Adjusting the color themes for Iphone/Ipad apps
  • Deploying developed apps in server
  • Accessing it through IPAD/Simulators
  • Various templates in verticals like Invoice, Inventory & finance has been securely handled
  • Custom written programming scripts for buttons, textboxes and background process
  • Continuous integration of IPAD app enhancements

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