Balu Property

Balu property is an app designed specifically for real estate property owners, tenants and contractors. The aim of this app is to award and coordinate work contracts. All the stake holders communicate through the same application.

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If the tenant requires any service related to the apartment, he should first log into the application. There you have the possibility to upload and view the photos. Building owner will receive instant notifications when a tenant post something in the application. He can then send request for quote to various contractors. After owner decides the right contractor, he can assign the work tothe contractor he has selected. So the whole repair process can be automated and managed through the application. The owner, tenant and the contractors will have tracking to the entire process in the application. The tenants also have the option to rate the contractors based on the repair work.

TechnologyPHP 7, Symfony 3.3, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery, Angular JS, Ionic framework