Real Estate Calculator

Real Estate Calculator is a very intuitive web application for calculating the expenses in real estate industry. This application exploits the power of the classic HTML and CSS and this is combined with the customizations offered by AngularJS.

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Symfony, a leading backend PHP framework is used for strengthening the robustness of the application and its data.


Halter is a leading construction and real estate service provider from Switzerland. Real Estate Calculator is a module inside the Halter website that lets the users to calculate approximate and exact prices for renovation or similar real estate related services. This application module is a novel approach to the world of real estate services. This is aimed at improving the way renovation and service estimation is conducted. This effectively makes the estimation process more transparent, quick and efficient.

PIT Solutions has partnered with Atfront AG to develop a solution that caters to the needs of users who are looking for a detailed estimation for renovation and related services. The application module is utilized by the end-client Halter AG.

The purpose of the application is to generate leads for Halter AG. The module also sends the estimation as email upon user confirmation. Besides this calculation functionality, there is a lead-in page and a lead-out page.

CustomerAtfront AG / Halter AG
Frontend done by PITSYes
IndustryConstruction and Real Estate
Website languageGerman, French, scalable to support additional languages
Browser compatibilityIE11+, Microsoft Edge 14+, Latest Safari, Chrome and Firefox
TechnologySymfony 3 (PHP Backend), MySQL, HTML, CSS, Angular2, Bootstrap/JQuery/SASS