Street Racket

Street Racket is a training app to learn the new form of racket sport called Streetracket. This app has been developed to provide training to play many forms of racket-and-ball games at different levels.

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The idea of this sport is not only to promote healthy activities and wellbeing, but it also wants to bring people together in sport and help build up integration as well as self-esteem for all the players involved. Street racket reaches out to all, no matter what age group or what playing level - and it can be enjoyed everywhere!

The developed system is currently implemented with eight levels for training. At each level, there is ‘n’ number of different forms of racket-and-ball game training exercises. After you completed watching exercises at one level, the trainee’s level goes up and get a new level of training. The training starts from the level named ‘Ball Ronnie’, and after completion of each level, the trainee goes to next level. The rankings are named like Ball Ronnie, Racket Ronnie, Chalk Ronnie, Street Ronnie, Friends Cross Court, Friends Single Court, Indoor and Fitness

Each exercise at every level carries 100 points. The first four levels of this training system are defined as compulsory levels. You can only play the next exercise if you have completed the previous exercise until fourth level. Once the exercise at any level between one to four is enabled, then the user can watch any previous exercise from the previous enabled level without having 100 points. With each category you have completed you earn the next higher avatar.

Street racket game can be played on web also by clicking the following link

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